Sphero cast iron

Liquid iron flows out of the furnace

What is meant by sphero cast iron are iron/carbon casting alloys, which can also be termed globular-graphite cast iron (or, in Germany, GGG/3G or GJS for short). In globular-graphite cast iron the embedded graphite is in globular form. The mechanical properties are better than those of flake-graphite. The globular shaped graphite means that no indentations are formed and thus fewer points for cracks to attack. Sphero cast iron combines the good qualities of grey cast iron and steel. The mechanical characteristics can thus be significantly better than those of grey cast iron.

Our sphero cast iron to DIN EN 1563:

  • EN GJS-400-15
  • EN GJS-400-18-LT
  • EN GJS-450-10
  • EEN GJS-500-7
  • EN GJS-600-3
  • EN GJS-700-2
  • EN GJS-800-2

Areas of use

  • Mechanical engineering
  • Compressor/engine construction
  • Agricultural machinery
  • Ship building
  • Mining


  • Good strength
  • Good toughness
  • Good tensile strength