Moulding lines

Mould/model making

In order to be able to make cast parts to the required tolerances, it is important to pay careful attention to precision even at the model set-up stage. The necessary models are planned and made to client specifications in our own model-making facility. It is only with the high quality of our models that we are later able to meet the technical requirements our customers make of the cast parts. The high quality of our model making is achieved through coordination of the CAD system with the machining process. That enables us to react quickly to customer requests and changes and duly incorporate them. All models are made as requested by the customer (number, deadline and cost structure). You are thus able to participate directly in the scheduling and the optimising of costs.

Making cores

On the inside or outside of many of our cast parts there are channels, cavities and/or re-entrant angles that can be formed only with cores. In order to produce sometimes very intricate cores on our core shooters, the core boxes are accurately produced in every detail in our own model-making facility. On our four automated core shooters we are able to reproduce cores with a maximum shooting volume of 40 litres. We have many years of experience in core-intensive casting, extending all the way to complex parts that can be formed only with core packages.

Moulding line

On the two HWS moulding lines we produce flasks for our aluminium – and also ferritic cast parts. As a result of being able to place cores in the top flask, we are able to make core-intensive parts as well.


The smelter immediately upstream of the moulding line has six furnaces for the iron casting process and two further furnaces for smelting aluminium. In the interest of climate protection it is possible through the use of pig aluminium to pay precise attention to the required amount of smelted material. For environmentally aware, efficient use of resources the material used on the iron side is primarily recycled material and scrap.

Fettling shop

At EMG the cast parts are fettled to your specifications either by hand or in robot booths.

Machining – Perfection in every detail

Thanks to the complete value creation chain, we achieve greater flexibility and more saving of time. There are both horizontal and 5-axis machines available for the machining process. On these machining centres the parts from our production facility are finished to customer requirements and in-house quality standards.