Consulting and construction: From idea to finished cast part

Screen workplace in the design office

You have the idea - we have the technical understanding

You can count on us when developing your components. We would be glad to assist you when it comes to making your idea a cost-optimized cast part. You can rely on the many years of experience of our employees.

From developing the part‘s shape to recommending the material, we can provide you with helpful assistance in the planning of your project. Particular attention can be paid here to the factors of weight and of cost reduction.

Using simulation programmes, we optimise your component and translate it into production-ready form. With these programmes we are able to control the filling of the mould and to check how the part drains off and the solidification process. It is thus possible to estimate in advance whether and where any porosity or cavities can be anticipated.

In the parts development process prototypes are also repeatedly needed for testing and demonstration purposes. These parts are made with the same quality as the later full-production parts.